Hi, I’m Cait


Real Estate is not just a hobby or a job, it’s in my blood. My roots are deep. Madison has always been and will always be my home. I was born and raised here and am following in the footsteps of three generations of Madison Realtors ahead of me. Many of Madison’s most desirable neighborhoods were brought to life by my family including: Shorewood Hills, Sunset Village, Westmorland, Orchard Ridge and more that I learn about all the time. I have been a full-time Realtor in Madison since 2012 and have sold 100+ homes in that time.

In 2013 my husband and I purchased our first home in Maple Bluff. It was quite the fixer-upper and we’ve been having a blast transforming it. Since then we’ve been filling the house up with our daughter, Olivia and our rescue dogs and cat. We love to take walks in our neighborhood, spend time at the pool and golf in the summers and walk over to Lake Mendota to watch the sunset. 

For the past several years, I have been heavilly involved with Fetch Wisconsin Rescue in many capacities. From serving on The Board of Directors, to planning fundraising events, to running the website. My favorite part of being involved with the rescue has been fostering adult dogs and puppies and helping them find their forever homes. To date I have fostered over 40 dogs for Fetch and I am extremely passionate about sperading the message about adopting a dog or a pet in need.

I provide the most comprehensive and competitive services around, I am transparent with my approach and If I think of a service that no one is doing yet, I push the envelope and kickstart it. Setting the bar higher is what I do. I don’t operate with generic templates and tired strategies. I have the flexibility, the vision and the tenacity to create a highly personalized experience for each and every client I am so fortunate to work with. Sellers enjoy my aggressive marketing approach that includes professional photos, HD virtual tours, floor plans, a custom branding package with website, personalized for sale signs, analytic reports, a paperless process and digital signatures. Buyers appreciate that I go the extra mile for them by offering my fine tuned neighborhood knowledge, finding properties before they go on the market and providing a simple paperless process.

Not all REALTORS® are created equal. In the State of Wisconsin it takes very little time and money to get a real estate license. Real estate is an attractive business to get into which leads to a lot of options so it is imperative that you do your due diligence when selecting an agent. I don’t dabble in real estate. It’s not a hobby. I work (practically) round the clock and am deep in the Madison market working with buyers and sellers every single day. There are many agents who practice part time or simply lack the edge that it takes to produce successful results for their clients. Did you know that on average 10% of agents do 90% of the business in most markets?

You can say I’ve been around the block in Madison. Perhaps around every block. I’ve lived in Madison my whole life and it will always be my home. I’ve got the Madison scene covered. My business is partnered with Realty Executives, a 50 year old International Real Estate Company. You can say they’ve got the national and international scene covered. What does that mean to you? Well, having a local, national and international presence in the real estate market means the most resources and exposure to buyers and sellers.

A surprising amount of REALTORS® don’t market their negotiation abilities in their bios or when pitching themselves to prospective clients. I’m pretty confident that a REALTOR® that can negotiate is at the top of your list, if not the number one thing you are looking for. I can go on and on about about the services that I provide and all the reasons why you will enjoy working with me, but if I can’t negotiate then what good am I? I can and will negotiate the best possible price and terms for you because it’s what I love about what I do. There’s truly a thrill in nailing a great deal for my clients.